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Stabilized moss panels are gaining more and more fans. When you see these decorations in friends’ houses, offices or hotels, you will surely fall in love. Moss or pillow-shaped is constantly admired, everyone wants to touch it, ask what kind of plant it is and where you can buy a moss panel to decorate your home.

Picture preserved moss: innovative and timeless products

The use of plant elements is becoming more and more popular in both private and public spaces. Vertical gardens or the creation of green areas give a natural touch that conveys serenity and conducive to relaxation and sensory pleasures. Such decoration is due to special requirements, for example, to space, lighting. And this problem can be solved by stabilizing vegetation of various types. Find in our online store various variations that can be used to create a wide variety of interior solutions.

Lichens are living plants that are distinguished by their beautiful appearance, as well as their usefulness. They are antistatic, fireproof and non-toxic. This makes them ideal for buildings in high traffic cities and open plan offices. The products offered in the Ekomoss online store will help you regulate the humidity in your room and design the space so that you live in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Due to the natural process of biodegradation, this material retains freshness and elasticity for a long time. There are several types of moss – rag, tree, moss. Each type is stabilized separately and in different ways. The most common option is when dried, clean moss is dipped in a specific solution of vegetable glycerin, water, and food coloring. After that, it becomes more elastic and colorful. This method is completely safe, does not adversely affect human health.

In addition to these practical benefits, moss products improve the sound insulation of a room. Their texture, shape and density cancel out noise and reverb. Therefore, buying a moss painting is a good decision not only in terms of aesthetics, but also practical. By using this decoration of your space, you create a completely natural environment, full of freshness and positive energy.

To buy a stabilized moss panel is also insect protection and stability with a shelf life of 5 to 10 years. It is very important for us to draw the attention of our customers to this environmentally conscious consumer behavior. Our online store offers a wide range of colorful options.

If you are a designer, then there is an opportunity to buy a picture from stabilized moss to create unique works on the walls for private households, hotels, restaurants. Also, no less important: plant-based company logos or unusual window dressings can also be realized with the help of stabilized moss panels. The aesthetic results are surprisingly natural, and the possibilities of interior floral decoration and floristry are inexhaustible.

Illuminated moss painting – decorative function

In our offer you will find moss paintings, the price of which is already indicated on the website, and if you have additional questions, our consultants will provide all the information online. You can use the selected product to decorate various corners, niches and free places in the room. The stabilized moss panel can be attached directly to the wall. If you are looking for modern and unusual solutions, then you have come to the right place.

Before you start renovating rooms, you need to think carefully, especially if you want something new. We work only with high quality materials, which allows us to deliver a first-class end product. Processing time depends on the size and quantity of your order – we will agree on this during our conversation with you or contact you later for further details.

The moss painting is a spectacular, exclusive addition. This aesthetic and original solution can transform any space. With such decoration, you can enjoy the freshness of nature in the apartment. Especially good where there are small children who need a comfortable microclimate. Our range of decor items is an investment for years to come. Under the right conditions, they are safe and will look beautiful for a long time. Even the most austere interior will become cozy.

It is well known that nature is relaxing, so give yourself a break. Before you buy a stabilized moss painting, you need to study and follow a few rules in the future:

  • should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise they will fade and harden;

  • do not touch too often (warn your guests not to stir or study your compositions, because often everyone is curious to see if they are alive or artificial);

  • do not vacuum, wash or wipe with a damp cloth – they have antistatic properties and do not collect dust;

  • they must not be watered or sprayed.

Durable, beautiful all year round, maintenance free… The benefits of buying moss panels are extremely numerous. If you are a professional and looking for a natural material for decorative purposes, then the option we offer is excellent and will definitely suit you. Paired with other flowers or foliage, use our variations to create eye-catching creations that will delight your guests. The spongy and curved forms of moss evoke images of forest clearings and landscapes. Create your own green edge in your living space. All our products are characterized by an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Since all the products offered are 100% natural, they are completely biodegradable, so they are not only inexpensive, but also completely eco-friendly.

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