Moss Walls and Moss Art

Production and sale of paintings and walls from natural stabilized moss
Ekomoss is a young innovative company whose showroom are located in Slovakia.

The largest manufacturer of walls of preserved moss, interior objects from green growth, frame in biophilic design.
Future Interior solutions are from preserved (stabilized) individual types of moss.

Ekomoss started working on modern interior design in 2015.

We use only 100% natural materials.
All our interior solutions are environmentally friendly and have a shelf life of up to 7-10 years.

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Walls of preserved moss

The moss walls provide a direct experience of nature.
We implement biophilic interior design using only natural materials and elements in the built-in environment.


Design moss wall the way you want – there are no restrictions on size, shape, and arrangement

What is preserved moss

The moss walls – individual creative solutions of preserved moss are one of the possibilities of increasingly discussing the biophilic design. The basis is the Moss originating from the pure environment of Europe’s forests. The harvest is done by hand with love and care. The harvested plants are  manually regraded. Then, only plants that meet the highest quality standards are used in processing. The collected moss is preserved and stained in a gentle organic way. The well-adjusted moss then undergoes manual processing in the required form according to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. Interestingly, the representation of several shades of green, which has an extremely beneficial effect on a person.

Moss Painting – Wall Moss Art

We can offer you Moss Paintings from our catalog. We have a wide selection of Paintings – Circle paintingsHexagon paintingsSquare and rectangular paintings. Also, in addition to the shape, you can choose the size of the picture from small pictures to large pictures, and you can also choose the color of the wooden frame. In case of special requirements, we can produce paintings and other moss products according to your design and wishes.

Moss Paintings with Plants and Wood (Driftwood)

Best choice

Services and products we offer

Ekomoss is a leader in the design of green stands using preserved moss and plants. In the implementation of projects we invest our soul, therefore , each of them is made with love and looks unique. When choosing, you will get not only the decor of your dreams, but also pleasant memories of cooperation.
Sale of material
Sale of preserved moss and plants.
Manufacture of walls from moss and wood
Vertical gardening. We produce panels of small size; with the help of green stands we decorate the walls and 3D panels.
Sales of products
Sale of finished paintings of different sizes of different kinds of ornaments using stabilized moss and plants.

In recent years, interest in natural materials has increased significantly. More and more customers prefer interior design with moss and wood. It’s getting more and more popular. For example, vertical landscaping with moss will definitely be a bright accent in your home, which will allow you to stand out and will definitely be remembered by guests. Since the pandemic, many people have rediscovered nature. Long walks and spending time in the fresh air helped to relax both body and soul. Therefore, I want to feel this connection with nature at home. And there are several ways to achieve this.

Biophilic design to order: invite nature to you

This does not necessarily mean a total overhaul. Instead, accentuate furniture and accessories with lots of natural materials using preserved plants. Provides a comfortable feeling.

For planners and designers, the well-being of the people living in the facilities they design is becoming increasingly important, and they are realizing the critical role they play in improving people’s lives. They are allies in approaching a completely different way of thinking. They are inspired by the cultures of Asia to restore harmony and intimacy between man and the natural world, offering slower rhythms and promoting calmness, contemplation and sustainable choice. Naturalness is present in the projects, textures that are pleasant to the touch, calming colors that give a beautiful look and satisfy the need for comfort, a familiar atmosphere. Interiors, including business suites and offices, are becoming places for meditation, where you can recharge, find inspiration and bring body and mind into balance.

This trend can be summarized – biophilic interior design

Many architects quickly applied this concept to their designs. The last few years have seen a rethinking of this notion as investors and builders tackle the environmental crisis. By giving all the nobility to the environment in our homes, we are making a positive step for the environment. Tree and shrub planting contributes to biodiversity conservation, reduces atmospheric carbon and plays an important role in climate resilience, for example by slowing down rainwater runoff.

His goal is to create a calming space with a visual connection to nature. Green color has a positive effect on the psyche, reduces stress, improves creativity. Interior decoration in this style consists of the use of light shades reminiscent of nature, such as vanilla, brown, beige. Rooms should also have access to good natural light. The idea is that you should be surrounded by plants everywhere.

But here it is very important to be well aware of the inflorescences that you place in your space. Not all species survive in every climate. In an interior that allows you to breathe cleanly, elements of nature must also be in good conditions. There is no limit to the number of flower pots you include in your decor. Their presence is soothing every day, and some species even have beneficial properties.

If you don’t have a lot of flowers to grow in your home, use your walls as canvases. Landscape paintings or photographs, botanical wallpaper, murals, etc. Create a wonderful atmosphere that will remind you of your favorite place – the beach, the rainforest, or the beautiful pine-covered mountain. By creating healthier living and working spaces with biophilic design, you improve well-being and comfort. Living close to nature has healing properties and allows you to recover faster after illness or injury.

Add a twist: the production of paintings and panels from moss

Interior decoration with moss allows you to place the main points in the room and optically softens the hardness of the surface. It does not require maintenance and is completely natural. It’s not just dried out, that would make it brittle. It decorates for years in the form of three-dimensional paintings, and then becomes biodegradable, which is another advantage of using it. And you are not limited to one color: during conservation, it can be painted in any desired. If you decide to order moss paintings in the interior, you will definitely not regret it. And if you have any questions, we will provide all the information you need.

Moss on the wall in the interior can be of different types. The flat grows as a mat on the ground or small rocks. As the name suggests, it is often used as a base for future projects. Moss on the walls design gives the room more depth. Moss wallpapers are handcrafted by florists and can be shaped to customer specifications. This wall covering helps reduce noise and filters the air well. Moss panels are not susceptible to bacteria. It is very convenient to use in office spaces where a lot of people stay every day.

Making walls out of moss and wood is a varied combination of surfaces. Fine elements, such as a soft moss pattern or a pleasantly warm cork panel, stimulate the senses and make the room feel less uniform. Curved, clean lines set the tone. Landscaping with stabilized moss transforms the space, adds color. To love nature even more, try to use natural materials in your home as much as possible, which can be implemented in furniture, interior decoration, kitchen countertops, floors, etc. As for textiles, give preference to cotton polyester and linen acrylic.

The best way to create an ideal home is, first of all, personal participation in all processes. Not everyone has the skills or talent for this, but some do-it-yourself elements are easily achievable. Our team is ready to help you with any questions and direct their work to interior decoration with natural moss and wood for you.

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