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The perfect feeling of nature in your home

Walls and moss pictures.

The moss walls provide a direct experience of nature.
We implement biophilic interior design using only natural materials and elements in the built-in environment.


Design a wall or moss pictures as you want – there are no size, shape, and arrangement restrictions.

Uniqueness of moss products


Natural materials

natural material is friendly to our
the environment and our environment


No care required

does not need irrigation, fertilization, shearing
and additional lighting


Cleans the air

air dust is removed due to a constant cycle of absorption and release of moisture

drop of liquid

Natural humidity indicator

mach becomes softer when the level of relative humidity drops below 40%


Fire resistance

all products are durable
against fire and safe

sound frecuency

Sound insulation

moss has the highest level of absorption
between products of the same size and thickness



moss does not contain allergens
and is safe for children and animals

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Fern moss

Fern moss .Fern moss is usually a type of flat moss that grows on tree trunks, logs, walls, stones and other surfaces. Usually this type of moss is small or medium, about 2-7 cm long. It combines perfectly with all other types of mosses and plants and bras. It is used as a base for all green walls or murals.

Image from moss


Plants grow in the wilds of South America, Africa.
We’re creating a unique collection coming from the jungle. Preserved plants are 100% biodegradable and safely wild. Flowers and wild-growing plants make up our forest collection and give you the effect of a real green wall. The collection of plants coming from the jungle brings a 100% sense of untouched nature and the energy of the forest. The assortment of more than 60 plant species meets all requirements.

Moss Painting Jungle with Mix Moss and Plants

Colour variations
preserved moss

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Reindeer moss .This moss characteristic of the forests of northern Europe and Scandinavia, where it grows almost every surface.

Ball moss

Ball moss is usually used to add texture to the green wall. Ball moss brings brilliant colour and texture to any space with a 3D green wall effect. Hand-picked best-quality product from Scandinavian forests bring a green lifestyle into your space.

Each piece of moss represents hand-picked spherical plants from the highest quality forests, which bring fresh and green forest life to your space. Ball moss has a high absorption rate.

gulaty mach
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Provence moss

Provence moss. It is a type of moss that combines the features of two very popular models of moss, Ball moss, and Flat moss. Theshape of it is like Ball moss, predominantly convex, because of that, is creating an interesting structure for the walls.It is very nice to illuminate the LED light and such a wall then gets another layer of appearance. From the Flat moss species, it’s retained his growths, which are longer than Ball moss and are therefore more rugged. It is unlimited inway of use, equally well suited to paintings as well as creating large walls, its exibility can cover many imperfections of the wall on which it is placed, such as curved walls or other unevenness in your space. Stabilizationis the same as in other models of moss and therefore the service life is about 8-10 years. The colour of this kind isdarker green to emerald, so it is into lighter spaces where its colour glows.

Flat moss

Flat moss (flat) moss is usually used as a base for the green wall of a plant or as an excellent combination with the Ball moss. Hand-picked in woods of France, this high-quality moss perfectly matches the design of modern moss walls. When we are creating Flat moss & Ball moss walls, these two types are combined in any size to suit the client’s requirements, creating countless possibilities to design a distinctly 3D surface.

plochy mach

Services and products we

Ekomoss is a leader in the design of green stands using preserved moss and plants. In the implementation of projects we invest our soul, therefore , each of them is made with love and looks unique.
When choosing, you will get not only the decor of your dreams, but also pleasant memories of cooperation.

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Sale of

Sale of preserved moss and plants.

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Manufacture of
walls from moss and wood

Vertical gardening. We produce panels of small size; with the help of green stands we decorate the walls and 3D panels.

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Sales of

Sale of finished paintings of different sizes of different kinds of ornaments using stabilized moss and plants.

Are you interested in our offer? Contact us.

Moss Pictures & Walls

If you want to decorate your home or office with real greenery, then you've come to the right place. We offer you many options: exclusive custom-made moss paintings, stabilized moss panels or a living moss wall. You can decorate any room with them. Our creations come in all shapes, colors and designs making them perfect for any space. Discover our range of natural decor options and get a fresh piece of nature for your four walls.

Stabilized moss wall to order: feel yourself in the fresh air

In ekomoss you can find a wide range of not only moss panels, but also various partitions and moss walls to order. It will last for many years due to its natural preservation and will be able to decorate your room for a long time. Natural moss walls are available in sizes from 3 x 6 meters - there is no upper limit. Surrounded by an aluminum frame, they look elegant. They not only look beautiful, but also make a positive contribution to the microclimate. Natural material in its rich green tones creates a certain liveliness and soothing atmosphere. In addition, moss has the ability to absorb sound and thereby improve acoustics. If you are looking for an exclusive wall decoration that will bring flora and good climate to your interior, then this is the right solution.

Each moss wall is made by hand. To do this, the material is first carefully collected and then freed from other natural plants. It is then dried and stored for several weeks, so that it remains completely fresh to look and feel for years. The designers then attach it to each frame with love for the details in the desired design. All moss decorative panels are individual and unique pieces that can be enjoyed for eternity.

Whether it's home or office decor - a moss phytowall will always and everywhere be a suitable addition. There are endless design possibilities. Any size - from a large wall to a small corner. There is also a choice of form. Round or semi-circular moss is pleasant to the touch and has a special 3D effect. It is also often referred to as pincushion, ball, or hilly. Thanks to its soft surface, it has a calming effect. Could there be anything more unusual? Do you have a very specific image in mind and already know what your ideal bathroom moss wall should look like, for example? Then feel free to contact us with your ideas. We will make everything according to your personal wishes. Do not limit your creativity and create your own personal oasis with our help!

Pictures from preserved plants: something new and fresh

Greening the interior with raw materials preserved in nature not only sets bright accents in the room, but also helps to improve the microclimate. If you want the best decoration for your green office, then eco moss paintings will be it. We offer our customers exclusive - custom-made moss wall panels. We will fulfill your every desire - and it's very simple! Choose any color and size that suits you, we will do the rest. Let our designs inspire, but if you still have your own ideas, our designers will be happy to bring them to life.

Pictures with stabilized moss are made from different types of moss, such as tree or moss moss. Moss moss paintings do not require additional care. This is ensured by conservation before further processing. During this week-long process, it is first dried and then preserved with a liquid so that the structure will last for years. This allows you to save 100% naturally, without the use of harmful or artificial substances. Advantage: You can consider this option even in poorly lit or windowless rooms. They do not require sunlight. Very economical and lasts for several years.

Custom moss panels - add variety to everyday life. Extraordinary and natural elements attract attention. Also, with their help, you can fix bumps or other defects on the wall. We will carefully deliver and then install them in the right place professionally. With just a few clicks, you can update the whole atmosphere and surprise every guest or visitor who will certainly want to come back to you.

Pictures with moss: a unique gift for any occasion

With this design, completely different possibilities open up for a design solution with an unmistakably recognizable natural character. In addition, with their properties and sound absorption levels of up to 60%, the requirements for maximum aesthetics are fulfilled. Whether in the commercial or private sector, all of our environmental solutions will please you for a long time. We work individually with each client. In accordance with your tastes, desired panel shape, color and relief, we can offer various options.

Decorating your home is critical. It is very important to feel good and comfortable in it. If you are not able to achieve the desired result, our team of experts is ready to help you. Each order will be with you within a few business days. In just a few clicks, choose your dream stabilized plant panel from our store. To make the purchase as convenient as possible, there are various payment options. If you are still not sure, we will be happy to advise you.

Our landscaping concept is not only about creating a beautiful appearance. An added value is the pleasant atmosphere. We guarantee a significant improvement in the quality of life and work. We are sure that we will find the best solution for your company or living space. Whether it is a mobile or stationary plant wall. Our experienced craftsmen have years of know-how to plan and implement everything from small orders to large concepts for you.