Paintings of moss and production of walls of moss

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Production and sale of paintings and walls from natural stabilized moss

Ekomoss is a young innovative company whose showroom are located in Slovakia.


The largest manufacturer of walls of preserved moss, interior objects from green growth, frame in biophilic design.
Future Interior solutions are from preserved (stabilized) individual types of moss.

Ekomoss started working on modern interior design in 2015.

We use only 100% natural materials.
All our interior solutions are environmentally friendly and have a shelf life of up to 7-10 years.

Product categories

Images of moss (7)

Round and elliptical images (14)

Moss clock (16)

Pictograms and letters (2)

Decoration with moss (27)

Moss materials (7)

Images of plants (5)

Mirror with moss (2)

Portable moss partitions (2)

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Walls of preserved moss

The moss walls provide a direct experience of nature.
We implement biophilic interior design using only natural materials and elements in the built-in environment.


Design moss wall the way you want – there are no restrictions on size, shape, and arrangement

What is preserved moss

The moss walls – individual creative solutions of preserved moss are one of the possibilities of increasingly discussing the biophilic design. The basis is the moss originating from the pure environment of Europe’s forests. The harvest is done by hand with love and care. The harvested plants are  manually regraded. Then, only plants that meet the highest quality standards are used in processing. The collected moss is preserved and stained in a gentle organic way. The well-adjusted moss then undergoes manual processing in the required form according to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. Interestingly, the representation of several shades of green, which has an extremely beneficial effect on a person. 
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Pictures of natural preserved

We will offer pictures from our catalogue for you. In case of special requirements, we can produce picture and other products from the moss according to your requirements and specifications.

Services and products we

Ekomoss is a leader in the design of green stands using preserved moss and plants. In the implementation of projects we invest our soul, therefore , each of them is made with love and looks unique.
When choosing, you will get not only the decor of your dreams, but also pleasant memories of cooperation.

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Sale of

Sale of preserved moss and plants.

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Manufacture of
walls from moss and wood

Vertical gardening. We produce panels of small size; with the help of green stands we decorate the walls and 3D panels.

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Sales of

Sale of finished paintings of different sizes of different kinds of ornaments using stabilized moss and plants.

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