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Moss Painting Hexagon with Pole Moss

139.90 $249.90 $ inc Tax

Hexagon Moss Painting with Lichen Moss

129.90 $229.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Moss and Plants

139.90 $249.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Moss and Rose of Jericho

149.90 $259.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Pole moss and Lichen moss

139.90 $259.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Pole moss and Mood moss

139.90 $249.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with mix Moss

139.90 $259.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Pole moss and Plants

159.90 $299.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Lichen Moss аnd Tree Bark

139.90 $249.90 $ inc Tax

Moss Painting Hexagon with Lichen Moss

129.90 $229.90 $ inc Tax

Whether it’s a private living environment or a business like an office or a doctor’s office – wall decoration says a lot about a person. Modern photography, abstract painting, etc. are popular, but do they match your imagination of the unusual? Then stabilized moss in combs will suit you. This set comes in multiple pieces, each with a honeycomb shape inspired by nature. And since they all have the same dimensions, they can be combined as you like. Give the rooms something special with Provence moss hexagon.

Honeycomb with moss in the interior: unleash creativity

Portrait or landscape, as a whole picture or with free spaces – you have a choice of many moss and cork paintings. Each honeycomb is equipped with adhesive dots on the back, with which you can easily attach to the surface. It is best to first lay out the moss comb hexagon on a table or floor, and then fix them on the wall. Because leaves and ferns don’t need light, you can use them to create stylish accents even in dark corners and shady walls. They are preserved in such a way that they no longer require maintenance, but remain beautiful for a long time. In addition, green hexagons, in addition to the exclusive look, will delight you with their sound-absorbing properties.

Whether it’s a standalone piece or a set, bring a piece of nature into your home. Moss combs can be combined with each other as desired. We make each item with love for you. It is unique and different in terms of appearance and location. The frame is made of wood. There is a metal bracket on the back for easy wall mounting. We use only natural material. It is dried, cleaned and preserved through a special process to keep its intense color and softness forever. If the conservation is carried out correctly, the moss does not change its structure or appearance and does not need additional moisture. Even after many years, he still seems “just out of the woods.” No care or effort. Do not water, in this case only spraying is necessary. The moss in the comb absorbs sound and thus provides a pleasant microclimate and improves acoustics. Small models that can be arranged according to your taste will fit well, for example, in a children’s room.

It is also worth noting that the green color has a special effect on well-being: it creates well-being, inner peace and encourages us to dream. There are some rules that should be followed so that such an ornament will please for many years:

  • for indoor use only – not suitable for outdoor use;

  • avoid intense or direct sunlight to maintain color gamut;

  • there should not be high humidity over 70% and very dry air;

  • do not hang near direct heat sources (eg heater or fireplace).

Bring out natural beauty with a hexagon type wall art. Modern, elegant and unique – it will make everyone talk about your art. Adjustment is possible in any corner. Easily combine multiple pieces into a larger unique art piece. A diverse color palette makes it possible to decorate any space in an original way.

Honeycomb from stabilized moss to buy: nature in your home

A hexagon of moss and plants in bright green will draw the attention of guests to your walls. The play with shades and shapes, the mesmerizing feel and the immersive 3D effect always make the objects the highlight of every space. As impressive as the appearance is, the effect of these works of art is well-calming at the same time. The natural glow is reminiscent of a lush forest floor and conjures up the charm of an enchanted clearing within your four walls. The presented moss models in our online store look natural and remain in this form for a long time.

Hexagon with stabilized moss, especially in offices, reception areas, exhibitions or other company spaces, are ideal decorative elements that give a natural and relaxing atmosphere. In the workplace, it is not only an ideal decoration, but also an oasis of relaxation. In addition, such a zone helps to concentrate by absorbing secondary sounds. Indeed, it attracts attention, and at the same time evokes positive emotions in customers or visitors.

For all reasons, honeycombs with moss on the wall are just phenomenally good. They have a three-dimensional tactile effect. In addition, they do not require any maintenance, so a beautiful piece of greenery can be found in the house or office even after the holidays. If you want to create a picture yourself, you can also get wonderfully creative. Because with our assortment in the online store you will find everything you need. Moss Wood Hexagon is a creative wall art that can be done in many sizes, shapes and more. We will tell you what design options are available and how to take care. Our consultants work to meet your needs and help bring your design ideas to life.

Our products are a combination of modern stylish design and a living corner that gives a feeling of comfort. Hexagons are the most popular design methods in the world. Wall decorations for any place in your home that will make you smile every time you look at them, because you can install them yourself and feel like a designer. Become the author of your personal design, do not limit yourself. And we are always ready to help you. Contact us in a convenient way for you. Our products make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding anniversaries or more. We often get very positive feedback from clients who are very happy with their maintenance-free finishes.