Marimo Moss Balls Aquarium Plant – Live Moss Balls

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Marimo Moss Balls Aquarium Plant:

  • Improve water quality:
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Live plants
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Versatility
  • Adaptability
  • Grows even in low light (approximately 0.25 inch/year)
  • Food source for aquarium inhabitants: shrimp, snails, goldfish, crayfish, and other small aquarium creatures.

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** Moss Balls are not Suitable for Terrariums.

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Live Moss Balls: A Thriving Addition to Your Aquarium

Enhance your aquarium’s beauty and ecosystem with live moss balls, nature’s unique and beneficial underwater wonders. These captivating moss spheres, scientifically known as Cladophora glomerata, are not just visually appealing but also serve as a valuable addition to your aquatic environment.

These decorative moss balls, scientifically known as Cladophora aegagropila, are actually a type of algae that naturally forms into spheres 3-10 cm wide in shallow lakes due to wave action. Unlike most algae, they’re beneficial for aquariums, improving water quality. To maintain their round shape, simply rotate them occasionally. Interestingly, you can propagate them by dividing them, and the pieces will eventually become new balls or form a carpet-like growth if attached to rocks or roots. In some parts of Japan, these unique algae balls are even protected.

Benefits of Marimo Moss Balls

  • Water Purification: Live moss balls act as natural filters, absorbing harmful nitrates and phosphates from the water, helping to maintain a clean and healthy aquarium environment.

  • Food Source for Aquarium Inhabitants: Shrimp, snails, and other small aquarium creatures love to graze on the delicate moss, providing them with a natural and nutritious food source.

  • Aesthetics and Décor: Live moss balls bring a touch of natural beauty to your aquarium, adding visual interest and creating a captivating underwater landscape.

  • Peace of Mind with USDA-Approved Importation: Our Marimo Moss Balls are imported in accordance with strict USDA regulations, ensuring they are safe and free of harmful pests or diseases. We are committed to providing the highest quality live plants for your aquarium.

Uses of Marimo Moss Balls

  • Aquarium Decoration: Arrange moss balls in various shapes and patterns to create unique and eye-catching accents in your aquarium.

  • Shrimp Tanks: Moss balls provide an ideal hiding spot and food source for shrimp, making them an excellent addition to shrimp aquariums.

  • Breeding Grounds: The intricate structure of moss balls offers a safe and sheltered space for fish and invertebrates to lay eggs and breed.

Marimo Moss Balls Care

  • Low Maintenance: Live moss balls are incredibly easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance.

  • Ideal Water Conditions: Thrive in cool to moderate water temperatures (65-75°F) and prefer moderate lighting conditions.

  • Gentle Rolling: Gently roll the moss balls in your hands during water changes to prevent them from losing their spherical shape.

Moss Ball Growth

Live moss balls are slow-growing, typically increasing in diameter by about 0.2-0.5 inches per year. Their growth rate depends on various factors, including water quality, nutrient availability, and lighting conditions.

Wholesale and Retail Options

We offer live moss balls in various sizes and quantities to suit your aquarium needs. Whether you’re an individual hobbyist or a pet store owner, we have the perfect moss ball options for you.

  • Bulk Discounts: Enjoy significant discounts when you purchase moss balls in bulk quantities.

  • Wholesale Orders: We cater to pet stores and aquarium retailers, offering wholesale pricing on large orders of moss balls.

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your aquarium with live moss balls. Order yours today and experience the benefits of these unique and thriving aquatic wonders.

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