The perfect feeling of nature in your home

The perfect feeling of nature in your home Walls of natural wooden materials.

Wooden walls provide a direct experience of nature as well as walls of moss. We implement biophilic interior design using only natural materials and elements in the built-in environment.

Birch bark

Birch bark is fixed on multiple underlying layers. The base of the bark is gently removed and the top is attached to panels measuring 18.89 x 18.89 inch and a thickness of 0.39 -0.79 inch. By fixing such panels, they can create very pleasant and luxuriously acting wall tiles.

Cork walls

The young bark of cork is fixed to a substrate which is equally made of cork. The natural crust of cork has a hard contrasting surface on which the wind and weather have left their mark. Natural colors between darker and pale brown. We use the bark of cork to cover walls or other areas in the interiors. It creates a pleasant climate in interiors and has equally good insulating properties. Standard dimensions 35.43 x 23.62 inch , thickness 0.98 – 1.18 inch.

Wall of the bark of the field

Poplar is able to grow up to a height of 1,180 – 1,770 inch and has a hard protective crust up to a thickness of four centimeters (premium products). Smaller trees have a lower bark structure up to a 0.78 inch (standard products) thickness. After processing, the bark is used whole without adding supporting elements and thus it is usable for both interior and exterior. Each panel is unique and the walls created with such panels are a truly luxurious addition and wall wall cladding for private or public spaces. A single piece can be up to 165.35 inch tall

Screech bark walls

The screed bark is fixed to plywood after harvest. Due to its highly durable properties, the scallop crust is principled by the wind and weather, so it is often also used as a roof ingchis. Bark from European screechism is very popular in special interior designs. The top 0.39 inch thickness has an earthy red ish brown color and contains deep grooves. Gently removed from the tree and fastened to plywood impresses with its unique appearance. In this form, the room will directly natural and clean design. Standard format 47.24 x 98.42 inch.

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    Services and products we offer

    Ekomoss is a leader in the design of green stands using preserved moss and plants. In the implementation of projects we invest our soul, therefore , each of them is made with love and looks unique.
    When choosing, you will get not only the decor of your dreams, but also pleasant memories of cooperation.
    Sale of material
    Sale of preserved moss and plants.
    Manufacture of walls from moss and wood
    Vertical gardening. We produce panels of small size; with the help of green stands we decorate the walls and 3D panels.
    Sales of products
    Sale of finished paintings of different sizes of different kinds of ornaments using stabilized moss and plants.

    Walls of natural wooden materials

    Interior decoration with natural wood has a relaxing effect. This way you bring a little nature into the room. Natural wood paneling on the ceiling and perhaps even on the walls, oak or spruce carved cabinets will certainly make the room look richer and more attractive. By following some care rules, you can enjoy it for a long time. Our consultants will provide all the necessary information and answer your questions.

    Fancy custom wood wall panels and wood wall decor as decoration

    We offer a wide range of collections – bark panels, cork walls and more. The bark of the tree in the interior is the highlight of the design. Several color options are available, which can also be mixed with each other. Each has special characteristics due to the use of different breeds. Can be used in many different ways, be it in restaurants, bars, hotels, beauty salons, commercial spaces.

    They look great in modern interiors and are combined with different designs and materials. They bring a certain warmth to plain rooms and provide a harmonious and at the same time noble look. A decorative wall made of wood creates timeless charm through the use of natural materials in its construction. This makes it suitable for all styles. They can also be customized, for example in the shape of a mountain. Great for the kitchen. As an interesting wall decoration, it has an extremely practical side and can be used as additional storage for kitchen utensils.

    If you want to add some variety to your living space or office, then custom wood wall cladding is the perfect solution to express your individuality. In many designs, this 3D effect cladding is the best solution for many creative wishes. And all this without much manual labor or expensive special tools. You can use our birch bark panels with excellent appearance in a wide range of applications. For example, as a protection against moisture in certain areas in the kitchen and bathroom. Or as beautiful decorative pieces in a living room or children’s room. Wall designs are also welcome in an office or hobby room.

    Covering the wall with wood, in whole or in part, depends not least on the function performed. As for purely visual moments, then there is a choice for everyone. Wood can also have practical uses when used as insulation. There are various ways to integrate wood panels into a room. And here it is important to take into account the skill of employees and your financial capabilities. As a rule, the larger the individual elements, the more expensive the sheathing will be.

    Walls made of natural wood: what design to choose

    Before ordering wooden wall decor, check out the options for possible design. It will really become a visible bright addition. There is an option of partial or complete finishing. Dark wood can be combined with a range of different colors. You can achieve a particularly elegant effect by choosing light browns such as sand or beige and using deep red as an accent. This combination is typical of the colonial style. Light gray with dark red and anthracite creates a stylish atmosphere with a calm, meditative character. Depending on the furniture chosen, a mix of color palettes can also be used to achieve a minimalist design. If you want the room to look natural and soothing, mint or reed tones are recommended. Beige with fresh green creates a stimulating effect.

    Another type is cork panels. They come in different thicknesses and sizes to make your apartment soundproof so you can’t hear your neighbors or other outside noise. Great for finishing the kitchen, as they do not absorb odors or liquids. Suitable for allergy sufferers, pleasant to the touch and look. Cork on the wall does not spread combustion, is resistant to chlorine, any acids and other household chemicals. In addition to standard designs, custom-made options are also possible.

    When it comes to the interior, the material and its feel play a very important role. We offer you only innovative facing building materials.

    Five benefits that will influence your decision to say yes to wood:

    • quality – thanks to durable and timeless properties;
    • longevity – if you take care of it, then the state is preserved for a long time and often even passed on to the next generation;
    • indoor climate – due to hygroscopicity, this means that moisture is absorbed and released again. If the humidity is very high in summer, it is absorbed. In winter, it helps to protect the mucous membranes from drying out;
    • individuality – a unique item that no one else has;
    • sustainable development is a renewable natural resource that creates the best conditions for a sustainable economy. So why not protect the environment at the same time?!

    Just do not overdo it: the tree gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. But the motto “less is more” applies. Combine so that you do not have a sudden feeling of congestion – no more than three tones in the room. If brown dominates, then add white to dilute. We are ready to help you in the implementation of your plan, consult and give professional advice. Contact us now in a convenient way for you, and our team of craftsmen will start implementing it as soon as possible. Our company values ​​environmental friendliness in repair and construction works. It is a holistic approach to design, using natural materials and involving a specific group of people at every stage of the creative process.

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