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Stabilized Pole Moss XXL | BallMoss | Preserved Moss | Natural moss

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Stabilized Pole Moss | BallMoss | Preserved Moss | Decorative Moss

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Stabilized Sheet Moss | Flat Moss | Preserved Moss | Decorative Moss

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Stabilized Lichen Moss | Preserved Reindeer Moss | Decorative Moss

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Stabilized Mood Moss | Preserved Moss | Decorative Moss | Natural moss

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Stabilized Fern Moss | Preserved Moss | Decorative Moss

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Living moss on the wall is a new trend in interior design, with which you add a part of nature to the room. Natural wall moss is stabilized, colored and made durable in one process. Generally, it is pasted on a wooden base plate, panels and paintings are available in different sizes. Using it as a decor, you get many benefits, which we will discuss below.

Stabilized moss on the wall: let nature into your rooms

Decor moss on the wall is a 100% natural material. In our work, we use only naturally grown, purified, which is then naturally stabilized and dyed. If you decide to buy moss on the wall, then you have opted for a clean indoor climate and a significant improvement in acoustics. In addition, it is easy to care for it – it does not require water or other substances, there is enough humidity in the room. Ideal for interior design based on the concept of “biophilic design” and for landscaping interior walls.

Decorative moss on the wall varies in appearance, size and available colors. Yagelny, for example, has the greatest impact on room acoustics. Curly (also called Spanish) is more like wood wool. You have to touch it to understand the material. If you do not know which type to choose for your project, then our experts are ready to advise you. Find out more about our offers in the relevant sections of the site. Please note that the Icelandic moss species is susceptible to mechanical stress. If you press too hard on it, its heads come off. Each individual cushion is a design in itself. The three-dimensional effect of such designs is especially pronounced in direct light. You only need to touch them, let your fingers feel all the softness of this jewelry.

Buying decorative moss on the wall means an investment in your health. It creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Due to its unique structure, reindeer moss absorbs a large amount of noise and thus helps to solve acoustic problems. This material is not often used in decor and many people do not know enough about its positive properties. Moss on the wall in the apartment filters dust and helps purify the air.

Our specialists in the design and creation of preserved plants offer you individual compositions for decoration. They know and are fluent in the design of lichens. Indoor spaces are transformed into places that combine aesthetics, comfort and relaxation. We work with natural material and adapt it to all rooms in the house, even the darkest ones. These plants can fit on any flat or curved, horizontal or vertical support.

Moss for wall decor: a fresh decoration for years

Our high quality products are durable and stay alive for a long time under proper conditions. Humidity should be at least 40% and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided whenever possible. Here it is important to know that there is moss on the market for paintings of different quality. The lower ones are less persistent and sometimes emit a specific smell. So be careful when ordering. Choose trusted suppliers.

Wall decoration is a fundamental and decisive sign of successful interior decoration. The use of preserved plants brings naturalness to those who seek authenticity in their interiors. Before you decide which decorative wall moss to buy, check out the main advantages:

  • easy installation and freedom to find the location – you do not need a water connection or special lighting conditions, can be used even in very dark rooms;

  • safety – you are protected from water damage due to faulty irrigation systems, there is no need for watering;

  • no follow-up costs, no maintenance costs

Some wall moss, already priced on our website for your convenience, endures surprisingly long periods of drought and extreme temperature fluctuations, hibernating. When a favorable period comes for him, he again shines with a bright color. We offer you only what works reliably: soft, lush decorative wall moss that smells like a forest and has been naturally and carefully preserved so that you can enjoy it for a long time. You can see how beautiful your space can be by using products from our gallery. We love nature and are passionate about natural, authentic products that are as close to nature as possible.

With us you have the opportunity to bring peace and relaxation straight from the flora into your interior. We create the highest quality for any situation, giving corners, niches a permanent visual glow. A sustainable and attractive design solution with our creative architectural options. Our team consists of professionals who strive to satisfy your desires 100% every day. With a trained eye of experts, we achieve impressive results anywhere. Many years of experience in the field of landscaping and a high level of service guarantee you plant wall systems (internal, mobile) for any condition.

All individual items will be securely packaged and delivered to the right place safe and sound. Our design proposals focus on aspects of the natural world that contribute to human health and productivity. Our low maintenance green paintings are in high demand because they are unique and modern. The diversity and richness of the offer is the driving force in our work. A wide range of stabilized moss in all sizes and species to create a real decor in your interiors in our online store.