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Round mirror with moss in loft style – will beautifully decorate the living room, bathroom, hallway, office or place near the stairs. It depends on your imagination where to place it. Do you want this for yourself? Then visit our online store and get inspired. These plants do not need care, pruning, do not need watering, do not collect dust – they have antistatic properties.

Stabilized moss mirror: why you should choose it

Thanks to its timeless design, the moss mirror can be used universally in any room of the house. It has a solid wooden frame. It fits perfectly into the interior, gives a feeling of more space and reflects your beauty, and can also be a great gift. 100% natural material, non-flammable and non-toxic. It does not require any additional care, and moss has a very high level of sound absorption, which provides additional comfort in the room. The appearance can last up to 10 years or more, and therefore you can admire this beauty for many years. Naturalness is always in fashion. Our products are made using only safe raw materials, there may be a smell of the forest, which will fade over time.

A mirror with moss, the price of which is affordable for everyone, will add a natural atmosphere. Complement a classic or modern interior. Many of our works are one of a kind, so originality is essential. We are inspired by nature and strive to offer you a piece of it in its natural form. Canned moss is collected in ecologically clean forests of the countries. The plants went through a stabilization process, which made them saturated with moisture and color. A product made of such material does not require watering and pruning. A wide range of shades from green to red and pink. Moss does not require special lighting, climate or top dressing, which saves you time and money.

The power of nature is concentrated in these small fluffy green clouds. Add it to your living room or other space, while creating an extraordinary decorative element. Where there are plants in the room, the air is noticeably less dusty and better supplied with moisture. Moss decorations create a pleasant microclimate, preventing diseases. In addition, natural colors and smells harmonize our soul. A large mirror in a moss frame on a white wall looks modern and unusual at the same time. The combination of different shades creates great shading effects and gives a natural elegance. Skillfully placed accents give the coziness of a country house. With a little creativity, they can be integrated anywhere and have the advantage of being very easy to care for.

Harmony every day

Do you want to change the interior decoration, but do not know how to do it in an original way? Then it’s time to buy a mirror with stabilized moss. It is the subject of special creativity to create a harmonious, elegant and design whole. Experience a pleasant change in your well-being every morning with natural decor elements. If you have not found what you are looking for, we are ready to discuss the creation of your project.

A mirror with moss is worth buying for a number of reasons:

  • universal beauty: it will bring back pleasant memories of calmness, warmth or coolness. It will clearly fit into your interior project and add more charm;

  • unpretentiousness: even in the bathroom, where there is a constant excess of humidity and because of this the frames deteriorate, you can hang it and not be afraid that it will deteriorate;

  • practicality: in small rooms, for example, in the hallway, you will be able to increase the space;

  • safety: does not cause allergic reactions, is not a collector of bacteria;

  • pricing policy: anyone can afford such an original item, the cost is acceptable for any wallet.

In order to choose the right option for you, so that it fits perfectly with the design of your living space, you need to take into account several nuances. First of all, it is the form. Next is the installation method. Imagine how chic a massive mirror on the floor will look. But in this case, there should not be small children in such a house so that they do not accidentally push it or want to taste the moss. The wall-mounted version is the most suitable. The hands of your kids will not reach it and you will be able to enjoy its magnificence during the day.

Today, eco-style is in fashion. Many people are striving for sustainability not only in products, but also in homes. Therefore, stabilized plants are gaining more and more popularity. This is a kind of answer to the high-tech style, where there is conciseness and metal, cold shades predominate. Focusing on naturalness, we prefer the Scandinavian style. Furniture elements and other items are made of wood and stone. A certain emphasis is created, which is incomparable with others.

Trust professionals

Ekomoss products are sold all over the world. Many years of experience with all kinds of plants, professional education, training and a large number of completed projects help us bring your ideas to life. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions. This natural product is suitable for any interior. It can be used anywhere (even where there is no daylight), it does not require much hassle. There are many spaces, both residential and commercial, where there is bound to be room for such decoration. There is beauty in simplicity. You will be surprised how many possibilities we can offer you. As a dynamic and innovative company, we always follow the latest trends. Let’s try together to create a unique plant identity. We present solutions for interiors and exteriors. Some products can be made in order to meet the slightest wishes of customers.

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