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Plant Artwork

If you want modern floral decor to give individuality to your interior, then we are ready to help you with this. Floral arrangements are an art that leaves nothing to chance. To let your imagination run wild, take advantage of the wide range and choose from live plant paintings on our website.

Stabilized plant paintings: enhance your room decor

Unique solutions to decorate your home, office, shop or just as a gift for your loved ones, friends. Biophilic design is not just plants indoors. This is a chic decorative element that does not require watering or light. Consider it from an ecological point of view – dense forests, large meadows with green grass, small lakes … Everything is calm and a light breeze. We invite you to integrate this dream into your home decor with the help of vegetable forest images. These unique phyto-pictures are completely handmade. Stabilization refers to the method of preserving them, which is to replace the juice with a solution of glycerin so that they look fresh. An additional light source or specific care is not needed here at all. Design in this style has a very positive effect on mental peace and human health.

Whatever the shape and size, real flower paintings are based on a strict technique of flower art. The proposed options can be redesigned according to your desires so that they fit well into the space. With pedantry and sophistication, each element is highlighted. Phyto paintings help to freshen the indoor air and absorb sound resonances, bringing you a zen and friendly atmosphere. Thus, the repainted grass will retain all its freshness and softness for many years.

If you are tired of the usual white walls, then it’s time to buy a phyto-picture. It is the perfect decoration for your home or commercial building in a completely natural way. The composition, rich in stabilized colors, uses various shades of greenish to create a fresh decor. The extra white dotted line that stands out on the flat moss carpet turns any space into an oasis of wellness. It will delight your guests or clients, inspire you to work, or help you relax at the end of a hard day in the privacy of your own home. Thanks to an innovative stabilization process that stops growth and aging, the appearance remains unchanged for many years:

  • without watering or fertilizing;

  • no replacement of damaged parts;

  • no land, transplant;

  • does not require the light necessary for good performance/is not afraid of heating or air conditioning;

  • no dead leaves, parasites, growth;

  • outdoor decoration is allowed;

  • ease of maintenance.

Phyto picture to buy: make room for emotions and sensations

Customized stabilized color paintings will add sophistication to your spaces. Let these artworks bring you a refreshing effect. Find the perfect harmony by inviting nature into your living space. No more clay pots. The new decorations do not take up much space and make your room a soothing place where you can focus and enjoy your evening or beautiful day. They can be installed in poorly lit rooms in your home. For example, it can be outbuildings or outbuildings to accommodate your guests, relatives. Also, this includes conference rooms and other spaces that are not often visited by people. Even in this case, when you return there again, these panels will not lose their attractive appearance.

We offer living paintings from plants to buy and enjoy the tranquility, returning after a hard day’s work. Our products are the perfect solution for landscaping an interior wall without worries. This is a unique, completely ecological process. Maintains natural freshness without the need for water or light for a very long period of time. They do not cause allergies. However, they are afraid of high temperature, humidity and exposure to direct sunlight. Whether you are a designer, architect, florist or just a creative person, you will find phyto-pictures that will fit into your budget, as they are presented in different variations for each client to realize their intended projects.

From an acoustic point of view, it offers an excellent alternative for preventing sound reflections in the room. In addition, they release oxygen, increase humidity and thus contribute to a better climate. It is believed that their sight improves our well-being and facilitates relaxation. Returning to nature is not a new idea in architecture, but it has a more important place in the modern world, where people are surrounded by electronic devices on a daily basis.

Responding to your wishes and fulfilling them is our goal. We take the time to advise you individually and bring your ideas to life. We stand for uniqueness. Paintings from natural flowers can be bought from us quickly, just in a few clicks in the online store. We offer a comprehensive service concept to suit your needs. We guarantee the quality of the services provided.

With us, landscaping a workplace or zone is simple and affordable. Properly selected colors in wall decorations made from living plants help to concentrate, increase labor productivity. This incredible innovation can be hung on any wall and will surely be noticed by your guests or clients. If you have a small apartment, you are often limited in your choice of indoor plants. But that doesn’t mean you have to do without them entirely. We will help you arrange everything correctly so that you are as satisfied as possible with the result. Our professional team will be ready to accompany you from the beginning to the end of the project.

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