Set of Moss Art and Plants | Moss Frame

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Set of Moss Art and Plants:

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  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to hang up.
  • Evergreens live 7-10 years
  • 100% NATURAL: Our moss painting mix made from moss wood and plants made from 100% real, stabilized mosses and plants
  • Sound insulation – moss has a very high noise level of up to 50%
  • Rare types of stabilized materials

Other sizes are available to order.

Natural moss and wood have their own structure and uniqueness, so there may be slight deviations from what is shown in the photo, which does not affect the functionality of the product.

The photo shows one size of the painting, other sizes may vary slightly depending on the number and size of the moss or pieces of wood that make up the painting.

During transportation, the pole moss may get a little wrinkled, if this happens, use a soft brush or your hand to move it in the opposite direction from the crease, and the moss will recover its shape.

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Handmade item

Set of Moss Art and Plants is a unique and stunning piece of art consisting of different species of mosses arranged in a harmonious color scheme of greens and yellows. This set of pictures can consist of one or up to six individual paintings, all hung in an elegant, decorative wooden frame.

Each of the moss paintings has a distinctive, elongated shape that comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different preferences and room sizes. Sizes available include 19.68 x 9.84 inches, 39.37 x 7.87 inches, 39.37 x 11.81 inches, 47.24 x 11.81 inches, 55.11 x 9.84 inches, 62.99 x 11.81 inches and 78.74 x 11.81 inches.

The moss pictures are made from a combination of different types of moss, including Licen moss , Fern moss , Mood moss , Pole moss and Sheet moss . These moss species have been carefully selected to create a harmonious color palette and texture that is pleasing to the eye and instills a calming sense of nature and tranquillity.

The different types of moss are carefully applied to a stable base and then stretched onto a high-quality canvas frame. The wooden frames have a timeless, minimalist design that underlines the natural beauty of the moss pictures and can be harmoniously integrated into different furnishing styles.

These moss paintings are perfect for decorating living rooms, offices, reception areas, hotels, spas and other places where a touch of nature and tranquility is desired. The moss pictures are not only a unique and impressive decoration, but also an environmentally friendly and easy-care alternative to living plants.

The Set of Moss Painting with Plants is a wonderful work of art that will bring the beauty and peace of nature into your home or office. It is a perfect choice for those looking for a unique and stylish decoration that is calming and relaxing at the same time.

As well as being a great way to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature in your home or office, the Set of Moss Painting with Plants are a versatile and highly decorative addition to many commercial applications.

In private homes or apartments, these images can be used in any room to create a natural and soothing atmosphere. For example, a set of three or four moss pictures of different sizes can be hung over a couch or bed to create visual balance and calm the ambiance. A single large moss picture can also be placed in an entryway or living room as a stunning statement piece.

In commercial applications such as cafes and restaurants, moss images made from plants can be an excellent way to create a natural atmosphere that promotes guest well-being and relaxation. A set of moss painting of various sizes and shapes can be hung on a wall or used as part of a mural to create a unique and creative focal point in any space.

In retail stores and offices, moss images made from plants can be used to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. A single large moss image can be used as a background for a reception desk or a wall in the conference room. A set of smaller moss prints can also be used as part of a gallery wall or to create a natural divider between different areas.

In large shopping malls or public areas, Set of Moss Painting with Plants can be used to create a natural and soothing atmosphere that helps visitors relax and enjoy. A set of moss prints of various sizes and shapes can be hung on a lobby wall or used as part of a larger mural to create an impressive and memorable visual display.

Overall, Set of Moss Painting with Plants are an extremely versatile and decorative addition to many uses, both domestic and commercial. Their natural beauty and calming effects make them an ideal choice for any space that calls for rest and relaxation.

Caring for a Set of Moss Painting with Plants is very simple and does not require any special knowledge or skills. Preserved moss and plants do not require any special pruning or watering as they have already been preserved through a stabilization process.

However, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your moss paintings stay in top condition. For example, if you notice dust or dirt on the surface, you can gently use a soft brush or cloth to wipe it off. But avoid sharp objects or strong pressure on the surface to avoid damage.

It is also advisable to protect the moss pictures from plants from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent the plants from fading or decaying. Also, avoid storing the paintings in humid or very hot environments as this may affect their durability.

Overall, Set of Moss Frames with Plants are an extremely low-maintenance and durable choice for any space. By using stabilized moss and plants, you don’t have to worry about regular pruning, watering or replacing plants. Just enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of these unique and decorative works of art.

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WARNING! Do not expose to sunlight! Colors and appearance of the product may vary slightly depending on monitor settings (brightness, contrast) and lighting.

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