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Variations of moss planters and preserved moss decor are organic decorations in your space. Our offer of stabilized plants allows people to have contact with nature in their everyday life. Are you planning to design separate work and living areas with a special character? Let yourself be inspired for your project by the variety and positive properties of our products. We have something to offer you.

Shop on the sofa: buy decors from stabilized moss

People spend about a third of their day at work, mostly in offices. Therefore, it is very important to feel comfortable in your work environment. Proper screen height, pleasant lighting, ergonomic chairs or adjustable desk heights are now standard in office planning. But for the physical and psychological well-being of employees, a good indoor climate with appropriate humidity, noise reduction elements and freshness are also of great importance. With our office decor solutions, you increase the efficiency of your company. Decorative pots made of moss and plants create a favorable atmosphere for work. Vegetation, in particular, improves the microclimate, absorbs some sound, increases motivation and productivity. Our natural products help with this. Green color has a positive effect on the body and mind.

Moss is an attractive decorative element for any room and can be easily attached in a variety of ways to most surfaces. It is also durable, strong and easy to care for, requiring no regular watering. It inspires imagination and offers countless possibilities for creating unique jewelry. On our site you will find a variety of moss accessories for any space. Its green color persists for a long time.

Large vases with stabilized moss are perfect for decorating corners. As a result of the conservation process, it stops growing without changing its appearance and size. In addition, maintenance efforts are significantly reduced. Humidity between 40 and 70 percent is important for durability. Draws moisture out of the air and stays fresh as a result. Especially during the colder months when a heater is used, it makes sense to use a humidifier. Stabilized moss in a pot should be sprayed carefully so as not to damage it. In addition, it should be noted that it is not resistant to UV radiation. Therefore, it makes sense to keep it away from direct light and not hang it outside the window. Otherwise, the colors will fade and the structure will change. Proximity to heat sources also spoils pots of moss and plants. Therefore, it should not be placed near fireplaces or heaters. By following just a few of these care measures, you can enjoy the beauty of natural material for a long time.

Stabilized moss decor: betting on sustainability

They are real all-rounders, because they impress with their technical properties as well as with their natural appearance. Therefore, it is especially suitable for decorating many areas: moss in a concrete pot in the kitchen will definitely impress your guests, and if you buy moss in a planter and put it in the bedroom, you will always fall asleep and wake up in a pleasant atmosphere. Stabilized plants can be used to create all sorts of decorations: wall, ceiling, coffee table, bookcase. Whether full coverage or partial coverage, we offer many decorative possibilities.

In our online store, high quality products: buy moss decor at affordable prices, as we welcome long-term cooperation. Therefore, there are no extra costs for you when buying. It is also important to us that you receive your item quickly, so your order will be delivered within a few business days. Bright vase with moss and plants available in different heights. It will become an exclusive accessory. Made from ultra-lightweight material, it is easy to transport or move to other rooms. Well suited for hospitality or catering businesses to create coziness.

Buying moss in a pot, you find peace and constancy. Has a calming, relaxing effect. Try to experiment, create an individual planter with stabilized moss that will delight you every day. Looking at the many details and melting into fresh greenery is a feast for the eyes. You feel rested. Such creations will fit into any home, because naturalness is always in fashion and cannot be beaten in terms of naturalness. As an evergreen piece in the bedroom, kitchen or living room, this type of plant gives way to regular potted flowers. Nature never ceases to amaze us, so let yourself be inspired.

Nature is our engine

We work like one big family. Our team consists of experienced craftsmen, designers, architects, logisticians and other specialists. Today we are an actively developing company, open for a new collaboration. We are ready to create innovative solutions for you – moss decorations that will be a great addition to your interior. We rely on creativity and team spirit.

We want to expand our manufactory, create more of our own creations and increase trade even more. For this we are looking for the best people. Together we develop natural products where environmentally friendly materials predominate. If you want to decorate your four walls with romantic decor, then our products are an indispensable element, and at any time of the year. To create a wonderful atmosphere of freshness and tranquility around you, you no longer need to go to the forest or to another quiet place, but only need to visit our online store with exclusive finds and create your own corner.

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